Welcome the Fall

Discover why Fall is the perfect time to travel, as people in the country say goodbye to summer and embrace the fall season, lots of travel ideas and beautiful scenery with leaves changing colors. As the weather gets chilly, the nature is getting itself ready for the cold winter but there are lots of outdoor

Thanksgiving Travel

According to AAA, the best time to travel by road is Thursday ( day of thanksgiving) and returning back on Sunday. For the lowest gas prices refer to gas buddy, it lets you see gas prices around the country based on the map. A report by the Points Guy,  Google Flights data determined the following as the

Where to travel next ?

This may seem like a million dollar question, but in reality it’s much simpler that you think. The world is an open space, choose your destination based on your thoughts and dreams. What really inspires you the warm coastal beaches or the high terrains. every destination that you choose will give you a truly unique

Welcome to 800 Travel Blog

The travel will inspire you and provide you with relevant information that can help you in planning your journey. Also we hope, that the rich content of the blog will decide in picking certain destination over other. Our overall goal is to share ideas and thoughts of other travelers just like you, who like to