Why don’t people travel for long term?

In today’s hustle and bustle of life, nobody has the time to make long term travel plans which is probably due to time and budget constraints and other related factors. Traveling is the best way to rejuvenate oneself but sometimes long-term travel plans can be tiresome and hectic. From flight delays, to changing weather conditions long term trips can be a real challenge when it comes to traveling. 

Here’s why people don’t prefer long-term trips over short trips:

Limited time for traveling to multiple destinations: One of the foremost reasons why people mostly hesitate in planning for long trips is probably because they don’t get ample time to travel to different places. With short breaks, we get ample time to plan out for multiple places that can be easily covered during a stipulated time period.

Better deals and options: While planning for short trips you get better options and deals on flights, accommodation, and tickets that can bring down your overall expenditure on traveling. 800 Travel is one such leading travel website that can offer you endless options and exclusive deals on flight tickets and accommodation.    

Budget constraints: Those who have a limited budget or don’t prefer to spend huge amounts in one go for a single trip mostly plan out for short trips. On the contrary, long term trips require a lot of saving in advance and there is also a high risk of running out of money during the trip that can hamper your mood.

Easy to balance out your professional and personal life: Not every company allows its employees to take long breaks from work but, with a long-term travel plan means completing your office and household work in advance. Short term trips don’t require much planning in advance and it is probably easy to get back to your normal routine after the trip.

Limited planning: Short trips require limited planning and there is less probability of overspending due to the time limitations. The traveler doesn’t have to go through the hassle of finding the cheapest deals, booking the hotel rooms in advance or researching the demographics and culture of the place that might require if you plan out for long trips.

Traveling long term can be a whole new experience but with short trips, you get ample time to go around with multiple friends to different destinations within a short time span and build lifetime experiences worth cherishing.

Looking to book holiday packages? Here’s why holiday packages are a must for a hassle-free travel experience

People travel to build experiences, discover new cultures and rejuvenate oneself from the monotonous life. From booking the right hotel to finding the best deals on holiday packages, traveling does involve a lot of planning and for a hassle-free travel experience booking holiday packages can make your travel a blissful experience. 

Traveling websites offer the cheapest deals on flight tickets and hotel booking depending on your prerequisites. 800 Travel is one such online travel website that can find the right hotel and flight ticket for you at the best deal.

Here’s why travelers prefer to book holiday packages over independent bookings:

They are affordable: A lot of people have this wrong perception in mind that booking independently can save a lot of money. Which is not at all true. On the contrary, booking holiday packages won’t hamper your pocket which is probably because the agents have an in-depth knowledge of the various deals and ongoing offers on flights and hotels. 800 Travel is one of the leading travel agencies that can offer you the best deals and packages that will suit your pocket.

Minimalistic Planning: The foremost reason why people prefer holiday packages is it doesn’t require any planning for the trip. The travel agencies only ask your requirements and preferences, who then offer you with a holiday package depending on your estimated budget.

Organized time schedules: With the right holiday package you get ample time to visit the destination and plan out more activities during the tour. The travel agents arrange the packages keeping in mind the prerequisites of the traveler in a way that gives them ample time to explore and spend more time on different places rather than a stipulated timeframe that might spoil the voyage.

Better deals and offers: Travel agencies also offer discounts on various packages to allure the customers especially during the holiday season. The travel agencies have good tie-ups with reputed hotels, flights and other transport companies. If you are looking for an exciting deal on holiday package then there’s no better place than 800 Travel.

Better Options: The travel agencies offer an array of holiday packages to choose from when planning for a trip. These packages are designed keeping in mind people of every segment that makes it feasible for everyone to afford for holiday packages.

The next time you plan to go on a vacation, always remember to do thorough research about the travel agency before selecting the holiday package.   


If you are planning for a white Christmas holiday with your family this year there is no better place than Canada. From mesmerizing mountains, glaciers to the dense forest, Canada is one of the most liveable countries in the world.

This city is popularly known for its vibrant culture and beautiful landscape that makes it the most visited tourist destinations especially during the festive season of Christmas.

We have enlisted some of the best places to fly off during the Christmas season in Canada that will definitely not disappoint you:

Toronto: During the holiday season there are a lot of cheap flights available that you can book if you wish to celebrate Christmas in this city. Attracting half a million people to its biggest Santa Claus Parade, you will surely not miss it if you plan to spend time in this attractive city.

Quebec City: Quebec City is a great place to spend holidays with some of the historic architecture in Canada surrounded by the fluffy white snow that will definitely not dissatisfy you. For a hassle-free travel experience, from booking the flight to hotel accommodation people prefer online travel agencies, 800 Travel being one of them that can offer you the best holiday deals and pocket-friendly packages for a delightful experience.

Ottawa: This is the perfect winter destination for those looking for winter like things. Every year the city is known for its Winterlude festival, that features cultural performances, holiday lights and also invites ice sculpture artist from all over the world to showcase their talent.

Montreal: This charming city of Canada is lined up with historic buildings that make it the perfect destination for the historic lovers who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of life and enjoy a frosty winter with their loved ones.

Niagara Falls: The breath-taking views of the Niagara Falls will rock your Christmas. The highlights of this thrilling place are the nightly fireworks illumination of the falls and the winter festival of lights that will make your Christmas holiday a memorable experience.  

If you want to spend your Christmas holidays in a snowy destination then Canada is the picture-perfect place to make your holiday an unforgettable experience.

Best Travel Website for Online Booking – 800 Travel

Are you an adventure junky and craving for some new experiences? Traveling is an easy escape from mundane life, build experiences, learn new culture and discover new places. But sometimes the wrong planning can ruin your trip before it actually begins.

 For a hassle-free travel experience, people prefer to seek assistance from online travel agencies who have the right expertise in traveling and accommodation.

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Hotel Accommodation: Hotel booking is the next biggest challenge that we often encounter when planning for a trip. To make sure you have a stress-free travel experience, 800 Travel endeavors to offer the right hotel accommodation at the cheapest rates.

Saves money: Travel professionals can offer special discounts and promotions through the suppliers. At 800 Travel, from hotel accommodation, flight booking to budget-friendly travel packages, you don’t need to worry about your expenditure because we first understand your budget and then offer you a deal that won’t hurt your pocket.

Easy travel insurance: Medical emergencies or any mishaps can happen to anyone that might spoil your mood and ruin the entire trip. 800 Travel offers the best travel insurance so that you don’t need to bear the expenses.

The next time you plan to pack your bags and head on for vacation, 800 Travel is the best place to offer you the right expertise and guidance for a hassle-free travel experience.

Tips for Airline Travel

‘’This is the final boarding call for passenger Emma and Eric, the captain will order to close the doors in approximately 5 minutes’’ the last-minute flight announcements are the most terrifying moments and can shiver down the spine. Nobody wants to miss their flights especially when you have spent hefty money on the airline tickets.  

From checking on time, proceeding with the security formalities to dealing with the luggage can be a tiresome experience that might leave you exhausted before getting on the flight.

Even if you are not a first-time traveler and plane journeys still give you Goosebumps, then you have landed on the right place.

These easy tips can make your air travel a blissful experience.

Always arrive before time: It is always advisable to reach the airport at least 1 or 2 hours prior to check-in. This leaves you with ample time for the last-minute arrangements in case you missed out on something.

The right seat selection: If you have any disability or need a premium seat then it is always advisable to reserve a seat in advance through the best travel agency as per your preference rather than booking an online flight ticket.

Pack properly: Packing in advance gives you ample time to think about what is required and what not rather than wasting your extra time on removing heavy or unwanted items from your luggage at the security check.

Carry your snack: Food on the plane is pretty expensive and sometimes it might not even fill your stomach. Carrying snacks is a great way to quickly quench your hunger and save your money.

Create your travel kit: Before boarding, it is advisable to create a mini travel kit that you might require while traveling by flight. These include a bottle of moisturizer, face mask, toothpaste, noise-canceling earbuds, etc.

The next time to plan to travel by plane always remember to keep these effective travel tips in mind for a hassle-free travel experience with 800travel.

Beauty Spots in New York City

New York City is undoubtedly the state’s most attractive tourist destinations. From mesmerizing mountain ranges, cascading waterfalls to exotic gardens the city has so much to offer to its tourists. 

If you looking for the best airfare deals and planning for a trip to this bustling city, then 800 travel can be your guide in booking the best hotel for a peaceful stay.

From The Times Square, Niagara Falls to Central Park, this city has a lot to offer to its tourists.

The Times Square: Times Square is the most visited tourist destination in New York, also referred to as ‘’The Crossroads Of The World’’. This attractive hotspot is touted as one of the world’s busiest pedestrians, drawing 50 million visitors annually.

Central Park: It is an expansive place, a home to impressive architecture and peaceful gardens. This park also has beautiful green lawns, ponds and horse-drawn carriage for the perfect romantic experience.

The Statue Of Liberty: A universal symbol of freedomthe Statue Of Liberty is the most iconic monument where the visitors can enjoy the views of both the New York City skyline and the monument. 

Niagara Falls: Strategically located along the border of Canada and the United States, Niagara Falls is a group of three waterfalls that has been a popular tourist hotspot for over 200 years.

Empire State Building: A piece of Art Deco architecture this skyscraper took 400 days to structurally complete, reaching up to an astonishing height of 1,454 feet.

Lake George: Lake George is located at the southern end of a 32-mile-long lake which is a popular tourist destination in the summer with the lake itself the main attraction.

New York City is every traveler’s dream destination that makes this city a delight of sightseeing for the tourist.

Why you travel

‘’Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do’’ This popular quote by Mark Twain might sound cliché but traveling is a great way to explore new horizons and try out incredible things that you might have always envisioned for.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when it comes to travel? Is it scouting for the best travel deals, finding airline tickets at the best price or maybe searching for online travel booking websites?

Well! Everyone has their reasons to travel, here’s why traveling is touted to be the most exhilarating experience:

A great way to build new connections

Are you one of those who love to meet and interact with new people? Traveling gives you an opportunity to make new friends from across the globe and share incredible life experiences worth remembering.

Try out new cuisines

Every place is known for its cuisine and of course, traveling can make you ravenous for sure. Trying out new cuisines is a great way to understand the food culture and lifestyle of the locals.

It helps you rejuvenate yourself

 Traveling not only rejuvenates your body but it also relaxes your mind and changes your perspective on certain things in life. A new place with a lot of distractions can work wonders and keep your mind and body at peace.      

 New learning experiences

 From every destination, you can learn something be it a new custom, tradition or cuisineMany travelers also prefer to seek advice from the best travel agency as their travel agents can guide you better and abreast about the destination you plan to visit.  

 An escape from the monotonous life

 A lot of people plan out trips every month simply because they are frustrated and tired of their daily work routine. Traveling is a great way to break the monotony from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The next time you plan to travel don’t give it a second thought, choose a destination, pack your bags and step out to build lifetime memories worth cherishing.

How to Survive Air Travel with an Infant

Are you one of those who is planning to travel with an infant for the first time but completely blank on how to keep your baby calm and relaxed during the entire journey? Well! It’s time to stop overthinking and start preparing yourself with these easy hacks that can make the air travel with your baby a peaceful experience.  

Everyone has a different experience to share when it comes to traveling by air but the real challenge arises when you are traveling with a toddler. From changing the diaper to handling the baby’s mood swings and screaming can sometimes be tiresome that might leave you embarrassed. However, by consulting the best travel agency like 800 travel can offer you the best travel deals for a hassle-free journey with your little one.

These effective tips and tricks can make your air travel a stress-free experience with an infant:

Visit the restroom before heading for the flight

Before actually getting into the flight, nobody wants a diaper emergency at least till the time flight takes off. Search for the nearest restroom, where you can change the baby diaper before checking in the Cheap flight.

Buy an airplane seat for the baby

Booking an airplane seat for the baby is a great idea as it is not only safe and comfortable for the toddler but at the same time, it gives the family a relaxing time during the air journey. By consulting the best travel agency like 800 travel you can easily book airline tickets at the best price.

Help your baby overcome air pressure and pain 

  The change in the plane atmosphere is one of the reasons why infants tend to cry or scream during air travel. Keep a bottle of milk so that you can feed your baby during landing or when the plane is taking off as it helps in clearing the ears.

Games can keep them involved

Always remember to carry your baby’s most loved toys, coloring book, and puzzles to keep them entertained during the entire journey.

Carrying baby necessities is a must  

The last but not least is carrying the baby necessities like extra diapers, bottles, baby food and snacks to avoid any mishaps during the journey. With the right packing and a little preparation before heading on to the flight with your baby can make your air travel voyages a relaxing experience.

Never Ending Footsteps – 800 Travel

Hi, I’m Lara from 800travel, and I’m glad to be associated with the best travel agency. For eight years, I’ve been stumbling around the world and counting.

When I left my job in 2011, I sold everything I owned and left home with a one-way ticket in hand. Everybody told me that I made a big mistake.

I had never previously traveled alone at that time, and never at a time for more than two weeks. I had an anxiety disorder, worried about everything, and had just broken my heart.

Like many people, I hoped that everything would be solved by travel. I was convinced that my journey would be all about incredible, life-changing moments, full of sunsets and rainbows and meaningful experiences. On the contrary, I first stumbled into a disaster.

I have been scammed in China and robbed in Tanzania over the past eight years of travel. I was caught in a tsunami in Thailand, stranded in the Congo, and my tour group on the Cook Islands accidentally flashed. It’s hard to believe, but the best thing that ever happened to me was my bad luck.

On Never Ending Footsteps, a special edition of 800travel, the best online travel website for cheap flights and hotels, online booking, travel deals, I show that transformation is possible through travel, even if you feel like you’re the world’s most unfortunate traveler. I’m a different person from the one who went eight years ago on that plane. I kicked my anxiety disorder to the curb, strengthened my confidence, and learned a lot about comfortably, wisely, and adventurously traveling in the process.

Travel has changed my life. Let me show you how it can also change yours. On 800travel, learn from my mistakes, find the courage and laugh at my misfortune to follow your dreams! Never Ending Footsteps has it all!

The Blonde Abroad – 800 Travel

Hi, I’m Kiki, a native of Washington, who left my corporate wealth management job about eight years ago to embark on a soul-searching summer that would forever change the course of my life. Therefore, in collaboration with the best online travel agency 800travel, I embarked on a beautiful venture called ‘The Blonde Abroad’.

I was told to go to school, get a job, get married, have children and live happily ever after. Not once did I think it would lead me to an unfulfilled and miserable life to pursue the social concept of “success.” I took a break from my career back in 2009 and traveled across Australia for 3 months, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bali, and New Zealand were also a part of my first solo travel. You can also book your low-cost flight ticket and hotel on 800travel, the best online travel website.

I’ve spent the past 8 years sharing my personal travel and travel tips on this blog with women around the world since I embarked on that first world tour. I split my home base between Washington and Cape Town, South Africa, and traveled to over 70 countries.

When I stopped living a life bound by limitations, I established The Blonde Abroad, a special segment under 800travel, and decided to follow my heart and live a borderless life. During my journeys, I’ve met hundreds of beautiful souls and ticked off my bucket list, some great adventures.

I would like to express my passion for travel, my appreciation of new cultures and my commitment to support non-profit organizations. I share my life as a fully self-expressed and independent woman with the hope that I can inspire others through The Blonde Abroad. You’re never too old, too busy, or too blonde to pause and take a while to follow your dreams!