Bucket list, where would you Travel?

Exploring the entire world is an uphill task. However, there are some people who have made this impossible task possible. Now, do you consider yourself a traveler? Well, then you need to have a bucket list where you would want to travel and explore. You may not be an avid traveler but having such a bucket list can absolutely make your task of picking the spots for your exploration easier. Hence, 800 Travel is giving you a small bucket list of possible places where you should look to travel to quench your thirst for travel.

Mountains and Hills

If you like to watch the sight of the emerald vegetation of mountains and hills then you should be looking to create a bucket list containing various places regarding that. Travelling is all about relaxation and exploring the place you love. So, if trekking and hiking give you the euphoria you seek from travelling then you need to have those places on your bucket list which can give you exactly that.

Beach Side Destinations

There is another section of travelers who seek for the beachside places whenever they are looking to make their plan for travel. Although you might think that the beach is all about water, every beach has its own distinct appearance. So, it is always a new feeling to travel to a certain beachside destination and the beach lovers will surely love that feeling. So, as a beach lover, you can create a buck list of the beachside destinations that you would like to travel to.

No matter where you are traveling, 800 Travels will always be there with you to make your travel easy and comfortable. We will provide you with the opportunity of booking cheap flights and accommodations which will make traveling more budget-friendly.