Beauty Spots in New York City

New York City is undoubtedly the state’s most attractive tourist destinations. From mesmerizing mountain ranges, cascading waterfalls to exotic gardens the city has so much to offer to its tourists. 

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From The Times Square, Niagara Falls to Central Park, this city has a lot to offer to its tourists.

The Times Square: Times Square is the most visited tourist destination in New York, also referred to as ‘’The Crossroads Of The World’’. This attractive hotspot is touted as one of the world’s busiest pedestrians, drawing 50 million visitors annually.

Central Park: It is an expansive place, a home to impressive architecture and peaceful gardens. This park also has beautiful green lawns, ponds and horse-drawn carriage for the perfect romantic experience.

The Statue Of Liberty: A universal symbol of freedomthe Statue Of Liberty is the most iconic monument where the visitors can enjoy the views of both the New York City skyline and the monument. 

Niagara Falls: Strategically located along the border of Canada and the United States, Niagara Falls is a group of three waterfalls that has been a popular tourist hotspot for over 200 years.

Empire State Building: A piece of Art Deco architecture this skyscraper took 400 days to structurally complete, reaching up to an astonishing height of 1,454 feet.

Lake George: Lake George is located at the southern end of a 32-mile-long lake which is a popular tourist destination in the summer with the lake itself the main attraction.

New York City is every traveler’s dream destination that makes this city a delight of sightseeing for the tourist.