How to Get Enough Sleep During a Flight

From reaching the airport terminal on time to baggage checking to other security formalities, traveling by plane can sometimes be exhausting. Anyone who has ever traveled by plane knows the real pain, especially on long haul flights that can leave you drained out.
Are you one of those who has been lately planning for a plane journey and already yawning with the thought of traveling by plane? Wake up! and stop worrying about your sleep. YES- It is possible! With some clever hacks, you can get sound sleep on the plane.

Go for an evening flight: When selecting the flight timings always prefer to choose an evening flight over the morning. Traveling by flight in the morning might spoil your entire day and sleep pattern that might even leave you tired when you reach your final destination. Instead, choose a night flight at a time when you are usually in bed. This will match your daily sleeping pattern that can help you sleep better during the flight journey.

Be careful with the seat selection: When selecting the flight seat, if you have the option to book a window seat, then book it fast before its gone. With window seat you get ample space to rest your head, in addition, your sleep will not be disturbed by the other passengers walking around while going to the restroom.

Wear comfortable clothes: You won’t get a comfortable sleep in tight fitted clothes. Wear decent clothes not necessary Pajamas, at least something that helps you sleep better and makes your body more relaxed.

Always carry a travel neck pillow: Its proven, tested and yes it works. You must have seen the frequent travelers carrying a donuts or U-shaped foam pillow with their luggage. These are called travel neck pillows that aid support to your neck so that you get a sound sleep. Turbulence are bound to happen when you are traveling by flight. Using a neck pillow can save your neck from cramps and help you get a sound sleep.

Avoid eating spicy foods: Eating spicy food during your flight as it might cause intestinal distress and other acidity problems especially if you have a sensitive stomach. Moreover, try eating light meals at least two-three hours before the flight to overcome any stomach discomfort during the flight.

If you have been sleeping the wrong way during your flight journeys, these easy tips andtricks will surely help you get a good sleep during your flight journey.