15 Places to visit in South America

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The world is filled with many exotic places that are a beauty to watch. South America is one such territory that welcomes travelers to a vast picturesque location of peaks, waterfalls, impenetrable forest and exquisite scenic beauty. Booking for round trip flights to exotic places around the world is not a difficult thing. Moreover, you can get the best and cheap flights and hotels as well as flight deals on some of the best travel websites like 800 Travels.


It is a marvel for every wanderlust who gets to witness the beauty of the vast continent and enjoy its serene view. So, if you are a wanderlust and like to explore this wondrous country, here we present to you 15 places to visit in South America:


Angel Falls

One of the beatific locations in South America, Angela falls also popular as Salto Angel offers one of the breathtaking views to the onlookers. It is also popular as Kerepakupai by the locals. Located in the Canaima National Park at an altitude of 979 meters, it offers a wondrous view of the waterfall.


Machu Picchu

Listed among famous archaeological places in the country, this place offers the most exotic view to the visitors. Its Incan Citadel is famous for its mysterious history and huge stone walls.


Rio de Janeiro

If you are a wanderlust and love to visit places that are full of life then Rio de Janeiro in Brazil must be at the top of your list. The place is thronged by visitors throughout the year who come here to explore the beaches, the fests as well as the immensity of forests, to indulge in the adventure of hiking.


Salar de Uyuni

Located in Bolivia, Salar de Uyuni is house to world’s largest salt flat that spans 10,000 sq.km. Its endless expanse of white presents a surreal view along with the smoky volcanoes, colorful lagoons making it a must-visit place during your journey to South America.


Cotopaxi National Park

Housing a conical shaped strat t volcano, Cotopaxi National Park is listed best attraction in Ecuador. Hike the mountain in freezing temperature is an adventure on its own.


Iguazu Falls

Explore the wonders of nature visiting one of the most famous views in the country that offers the scenic beauty of imposing waterfalls. Do not forget to watch the highest gall in the park called Devi’s Throat.


Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine in Chile is a famous destination for tourists that renders the opportunity for indulging in exotic adventure, hikes, and trails. Some of the top views include color-changing trees, peaks, and glaciers.


Tayrona Park

What makes Tayrona Park different from other locations are the beaches that are surrounded by peaks, mountains and luscious green giving a peek into the natural beauty of the planet.


Buenos Aires

Explore the enticing lifestyle of this cosmopolitan hub located in Buenos Aires that presents a countless view of art galleries, museums, cultural hubs, and theatres.


Salvador de Bahia

One of the most interesting cities in Brazil, South America, the city gives a sneak into the wide expanse of the country’s culture, architecture, and history


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